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Ways To Keep Yourself And Your Hiking Crew Safe And Comfortable

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If you plan on going on a hiking trip in a remote area with some of your co-workers this fall, the following suggestions can be used to help keep you and the rest of the hiking crew safe and comfortable. Pack Emergency Supplies Pack emergency supplies, including medical kits, reflective tape, scissors, maps, non-perishable food items, and beverages inside of a bag or cooler. If you or any of your co-workers are injured while hiking, medical supplies may help save a life. It is a wise idea for everyone to participate in a first aid course before leaving for the hiking excursion so that the proper measures are taken in case of an emergency. Reflective-tape and maps will be useful if you and your pals will be hiking in areas where visibility is limited and everyone becomes lost. Non-perishable items and beverages can be utilized if there isn’t any way to cook fresh food items or if water is contaminated where you are hiking. Bring Along Two-Way Radios Two-way radios can be used to keep track of others if they decide to explore the surroundings on their own or if they decide to hike in a section that hasn’t previously been encountered. Before purchasing radios, inquire about the different types that are for sale so that you can select a model that will reach a far distance or that is waterproof. If you buy several sets of radios, you and the others can split up into pairs and each person can be responsible for keeping track of the person who they have been matched up with. Create A Sleeping And Relaxation Area Set up a sleeping and relaxation area that is located on level ground and that is close to a water source or hiking trail. Erect a couple tents that are next to each other and bring along large mosquito nets or a couple pieces of screen mesh to cover the entryways to the tents. Pack sleeping bags or cushioned foam to line the base of each tent. If you and your co-workers plan on relaxing outdoors before turning in for the night, a hammock and several lawn chairs can be arranged around the campfire that is being used to prepare a meal. As a result, everyone can unwind in a comfortable manner and will be close to each other in case some or all of the group would like to hold a conversation. For more information, contact local professionals like Top Pack...

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Emergency Preparedness Sanitation Supplies You May Have Forgotten

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If you are travelling to an area where you might not be able to access a store to buy goods and could potentially experience some sort of emergency, you are going to need to make sure that you have emergency preparedness supplies. You likely already know this and have stocked up on bottled water, canned food, and various tools that will allow you to engineer yourself out of many different dangerous situations. What you might not have considered are emergency preparedness sanitation supplies. It doesn’t matter how much bottled water and dry goods you have if you are too sick to use them. Getting emergency sanitation supplies will help you ensure that you remain well enough to get through an emergency. Here are some supplies you should consider. 1. Emergency Toilet If you are going to a location where the only bathroom is outside and there is a chance that you might get snowed in, you absolutely want to get an emergency toilet. Emergency toilets are designed to store human waste and keep it from getting too smelly or making someone else sick. If you don’t have such a toilet, you will be left to attempt to dispose of your waste somewhere in the building where you are trapped, making the environment extremely unpleasant and potentially dangerous for everyone. These toilets have a lid that tightly seals in order to ensure that no odor or germs leak out. 2. Toilet Bags When the toilet gets full, you are going to want to make sure that you have toilet bags on hand. This will extend the use of the toilet in case you are trapped for many days. Buy bags that are specifically designed for emergency toilets because they tend to be stronger and less prone to leaking. If you were to use normal garbage bags, you have a greater risk of having waste spill whenever you change the bag. 3. Wipes Having wipes for the toilet tends to be important for morale because it allows everyone to ensure that they are thoroughly clean and not smelly or itchy. However, in true emergency situations, these can seem like a luxury. Make sure that you have enough on hand so that people can use one at the end of their toilet session to finish cleaning themselves. Other paper materials will do for toilet tissue in a pinch but having a wipe at the end will make the makeshift tissue more tolerable. 4. Sanitizing Spray Finally, be sure that you invest in sanitizing spray that will allow people to clean their hands after using the restroom if there is no water available. This will help prevent the spread of germs. For more information, talk to a company that specializes in emergency preparedness supplies or click...

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