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Saturday, November 22nd

Through Monday, November 17th
69 winning weeks, 32 losing weeks last 101 weeks
Releases: +430.23 units last 100 weeks
Releases: +166 net games over .500 last 101 weeks
That is: +166 more ATS winners (released plays vs the spread) than losers (not stars) last 101 weeks.

For monitoring purposes my week starts on Tuesday and ends with Monday plays.
Releases are graded 3*, 4* and 5*


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Saturday, November 22nd

0:00 Eastern
keep your panties on. i havent decided anything yet. Nobody has paid me enough to force me to do anything. i can basically absorb any deficit. Look, if i want to play i will play. OK. That doesnt mean i have to play. Really...

i am just going to tell you what really is. How this really is.
Once upon a time in the late 70's, early 80's myself and a few others created all of this in Vegas. Everything you see, now know.
I mean everything...

Myself and a few others did all of this.
Put it into a format.

We started it...
Started the Nevada rotation.
Started situational research.

I am one of the ones who did this...

We did major damage to bookies.

i am one of those guys from the late 70's, 80's and early 90's.
i am 1 of the first to use computers in Vegas back in the 80's.
Corporations who now control most of everything got that from me and a few others like me.
i cannot even get stats anymore myself for something i helped design.
i know how every sports computer program works because myself and a few others created all of this stuff.

i dont pay anyone 5K+ a month for something i helped create.
i will create something else...
You still have to win...

You dont know shit about what i actually do unless you are talking directly to me...
Anything otherwise, you are still a self handicapper...

i get paid to win...
Actually get paid to win.

i will tell you this,
There are actually people in my business, guys like me who actually hate to lose and hate the rouges.

Hate fuckers/liars

Fuckers who figured out there is a lot more money in doing volume on losers. Hooking clients up with an affiliate book and getting 25% kickbacks on losers.

i am not going to name any names.
i\we all know who they are.
i really dont really have to explain this.
Those fuckers crashed legitimate handicappers.

if somebody gives you a pick and you have to play that pick through their affiliate book you know you already have a problem/conflict of interest. if they get $25 for a winner or a $250 kickback on a loser what do you really think they care about? Really. And, i am being/playing nice...

I am looking for some smart ass mother fucker to play me for big bucks on 1 game. i only need one of those smart ass mother fuckers to pay for the whole year for everybody. Really...

i am not looking for you...

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