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Wednesday, August 27th

is un-spoken you have to contribute something to me for doing all this work i do for for you FREE every day, every week. i do all the stat work and project outcomes. If it wasnt for me or someone like me you couldnt pick your own ass...
All you have to do is pick a winner...
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Through Monday, August 25th
63 winning weeks, 26 losing weeks last 89 weeks
Releases: +433.45 units last 89 weeks
Releases: +164 net games over .500 last 89 weeks
That is: +164 more ATS winners (released plays vs the spread) than losers (not stars) last 89 weeks.

For monitoring purposes my week starts on Tuesday and ends with Monday plays.
Releases are graded 3*, 4* and 5*
11 winning weeks, 3 losing weeks last 14
Last 14 weeks releases: +105.2 units


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Wednesday, August 27th

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