Ways To Keep Yourself And Your Hiking Crew Safe And Comfortable

17 October 2016
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If you plan on going on a hiking trip in a remote area with some of your co-workers this fall, the following suggestions can be used to help keep you and the rest of the hiking crew safe and comfortable.

Pack Emergency Supplies

Pack emergency supplies, including medical kits, reflective tape, scissors, maps, non-perishable food items, and beverages inside of a bag or cooler. If you or any of your co-workers are injured while hiking, medical supplies may help save a life. It is a wise idea for everyone to participate in a first aid course before leaving for the hiking excursion so that the proper measures are taken in case of an emergency.

Reflective-tape and maps will be useful if you and your pals will be hiking in areas where visibility is limited and everyone becomes lost. Non-perishable items and beverages can be utilized if there isn't any way to cook fresh food items or if water is contaminated where you are hiking.

Bring Along Two-Way Radios

Two-way radios can be used to keep track of others if they decide to explore the surroundings on their own or if they decide to hike in a section that hasn't previously been encountered. Before purchasing radios, inquire about the different types that are for sale so that you can select a model that will reach a far distance or that is waterproof. If you buy several sets of radios, you and the others can split up into pairs and each person can be responsible for keeping track of the person who they have been matched up with.

Create A Sleeping And Relaxation Area

Set up a sleeping and relaxation area that is located on level ground and that is close to a water source or hiking trail. Erect a couple tents that are next to each other and bring along large mosquito nets or a couple pieces of screen mesh to cover the entryways to the tents. Pack sleeping bags or cushioned foam to line the base of each tent.

If you and your co-workers plan on relaxing outdoors before turning in for the night, a hammock and several lawn chairs can be arranged around the campfire that is being used to prepare a meal. As a result, everyone can unwind in a comfortable manner and will be close to each other in case some or all of the group would like to hold a conversation.

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