Top 5 Reasons To Send Your Child To Overnight Summer Camp

4 February 2018
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Going away to summer camp is a childhood tradition that creates lasting memories. If you have children old enough to go to overnight summer camp, you should seriously consider enrolling them in at least one session this summer. Some of the top reasons to send your child to overnight summer camp include:

Endless Physical Activity

During the school year, kids spend a lot of time sitting at desks and learning when they are in class. After the school day ends, there is limited time for physical activity before completing homework, having dinner, and getting ready for bed. When summer break comes, going to overnight summer camps gives a child the opportunity to be active all day long-- most summer camps keep campers busy with a number of different physical activities like swimming, hiking, running, and kayaking. In addition to being good for physical health, all the activity offered at summer camp provides an energy outlet.

Take a Break from Screen Time

In this day and age, kids have more access to technology than ever before. A lot of kids spend a lot of time using tablets, computers, HD television, video game consoles, and hand-held video games. If you don't want your child to spend his or her summer in front of a screen, enrolling him or her in overnight summer camp is an excellent idea. Many summer camps severely limit the amount of screen time allowed, and there are a number of daily activities planned so kids don't miss electronics.

Gain a Sense of Independence

An important part of growing up for a child is learning how to act independently and make the right choices without there parents being physically by his or her side for guidance. Overnight summer camp is an excellent opportunity for kids to gain a sense of independence and learn how to make decisions throughout the day on their own. 

Spend Time in the Great Outdoors

Overnight summer camp is all about spending time outside and enjoying all that the great outdoors has to offer. Whether you live in the city or the suburbs, going to summer camp will allow your child to connect with nature in a way that may not be possible at home. 

Make Lifelong Friends

Many kids attend the same summer camp year after year, and during their time at camp strong friendships are formed. Campers are able to spend weeks together, and it is not uncommon for lasting bonds to form. If you send your child to overnight summer camp, he or she will most likely come home and tell you stories about the amazing new friends he or she made. 

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